The 747 Farewell Trip

On November 7th, United will retire it’s last 747 from service. United has planned a special one-way trip to commemorate this occasion from SFO-HNL. Tickets sold out fast, and I wasn’t even aware of this event until they seats were sold.

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 2.42.37 PMLuckily, I was able to bid and win a pair of tickets on this trip! Very excited, as I don’t win anything, ever!

I have flown twice on the Queen of the Sky, once in 2012 SFO-HKG and again in 2015, SFO-ICN. It’s a beautiful bird, no doubt, but my fascination is also with the golden age of jet setters. This trip will be done in retro 70’s style.

I cannot wait!

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